The Craziest Prison Breaks Of All Time

Photo: Halfdark (Getty)

Prisons have one job: keep people in. And most of the time they do a pretty good job of it. When you strip inmates of anything they could use as tools, they have a difficult time breaching concrete, iron bars, barbed wire fences and the like. The smart move is just to bide your time and wait for parole, but nobody ever said convicts were smart. Instead, many try to beat the odds and break out on their own schedules. In this feature, ten wild stories of jailbreaks that pushed the limits. Let’s just say that these convicts were trying their best to channel Michael Scofield from Prison Break. And if you don’t know what show I’m talking about shame on you.

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Now check out these bold prisoners that did everything they could to escape doing more time.

The Craziest Prison Breaks Of All Time

And hey, it’s not just adults that break out of prison — even this kid attempted to break out. Check out this classic and be glad that this isn’t your son.

Sorry buddy, but you’re no Scofield.


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