Today’s Funny Photos 6-26-17

There’s really no reason to sugarcoat how depressing Mondays are. But before you jump down my throat pointing out that this is supposed to be a lighthearted intro to funny photos, all I’m saying is that we might as well revel in the sadness. Just because it ain’t going away, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. So I did my best today to mix comedy and bleak reality into one hilarious package. Therefore, most of the pictures you are about to see would be depressing if there weren’t a comedic spin to them. In other words, there’s a common theme to the randomness today. Happy Monday, everyone! I mean that sincerely.

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Today’s Funny Photos 6-26-17

funny photos 6-26-172_funny_photos_6_26_17funny photos 6-26-174_funny_photos_6_26_17

funny photos 6-26-17

Sadly, this isn’t even the same dude: Guy Brings Hilarious Fake Book Covers On The Subway



Big deal! This Guy Is Known As ‘The Sperminator’ Because He Has Fathered 26 Kids



Sorry, you’re still waste deep in Monday (spelling error intended). But at least you still have last week’s funnies to keep you company.