The Best And The Worst Of 80s Fashion For Men

Photo: Getty Images: RyanJLane

The ’80s was a decade of bold styles, neon colors and bad haircuts. If it weren’t for the 80s none of the flamboyant trends of today would be popular. With heavily influenced disco style fashion of the 70s wearing off a more personal style that involved all the colors of the rainbow took over, allowing men to express their individuality and creativity anyway they want to.

Suits in white, pastel, or bright colors with loafers or boat shoes. Pushed-up sleeves and open jackets with single color t-shirts. Colored ‘parachute’ pants. Polo shirts with the collars turned up with Argyle sweaters tied loosely around the neck. Converse All-Stars sneakers in every possible color. Ray Ban sunglasses worn day and night. Fanny packs.

In case you don’t remember any of these this might be the best time to get reminded of the best and worst 80s fashion for men.

Swatch Watches

Colorful Swatch watches replaced classic Rolex and Omega luxury watches.

Flamboyant Parachute Pants And Track Suits

Mc Hammer did not start this trend. He ended it. Bur ever since the begging on the 80s colorful ‘parachute’ pants were in demand.

Converse All-Stars Sneakers

Every color imaginable was the right color for you.

Miami Vice Style Suits

Remember those oversized, boxy suits that goes with baggy pants? Suits in white, pastel, or bright colors with loafers or boat shoes, minus sock were ever so popular back in 80s thanks to Don Johnson and Miami Vice.

Nike Sneakers

If you were into sports or posed yourself as an rep artist, beside classic Adidas sneakers, Nike were hype.

Polo Shirts With The Collars Turned Up

For some weird reason turning the collar up was cool in 80s. And having an Argyle sweater tied loosely around the neck meant your a good upper class guy.

Fake Fur Coats

In 80s you weren’t hip or hop enough without fake fur coat.

Fanny Packs

Caution here. It may seam to be practical but fanny packs are easily the worst 80s fashion trend for men.

Ray Ban Sungalsses

In a way it was an re-birth of a legend. Classic Ray Ban sunglasses hit the mainstream.