College Offers Courses On How To Go Viral On The Internet

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When I first enrolled in college, I wanted to be a teacher. The reasonable thing to do at that point was to major in liberal arts and begin my path toward molding the young minds of America.

In the end, that major didn’t help me out very much, because I found out I would hate being a teacher. Instead I’m writing on the internet about Playboy models, sharks and how a 7-year-old can probably kick my ass. That’s called success, folks.

But as good as I am at publishing stuff, I can always learn about better ways to make my articles spread on the web like wildfire and become internet famous. Seems as though I need to move to China for that.

College Offers Courses On How To Go Viral On The Internet

Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College near Shanghai is offering classes on how to become the next web sensation. That’s right, they’re offering real college classes on how to maximize your ability to be retweeted, liked, favorited and viewed.

According to a story from Business Insider, “hordes of Chinese millennials” are using smart phones to stream their lives and are experiencing a lucrative effect because it’s apparently a billion-dollar industry. Things like properly placing a selfie-stick and blowing kisses into the camera translate to dolla, dolla bills, y’all.

You can major in “wanghong” — which means “hot on the web” — and get all the skills you need to become the next Vine (RIP) star. In today’s society full of people glued to their mobile devices, enrolling here doesn’t sound like a bad idea, especially if putting flowers on your head on Snapchat means getting paid for it. Hell, I’d do it.

So if you’ve found yourself wondering what you’re going to study in college, I think you found your answer.

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If that doesn’t work out, you can always study Game Of Thrones languages in California.