Dried Lizard Dicks Are Being Sold Online To People Who Think They’re Tantric Root Plants

Photo: VladimirFLoyd (Getty)

So here’s something you don’t want to see if you’ve been buying tantric root plants online in an effort to improve your luck.

According to BBC News, officials from both the UK and India say they have uncovered an international fraud where “dried monitor lizard penises are being passed off as tantric plant roots,” which are important to some people because they’re deemed as good luck because they look like “two hands joined in prayer.”

Photo: via BBC/NEIL D' CRUZE

Photo: via BBC/NEIL D’ CRUZE

No, seriously:

“A recent raid in the eastern Indian state of Orissa saw the seizure of dried hemipenis from Bengal and Yellow Monitor lizards from a house in the city of Bhubaneswar, the statement added. An Indian member of the investigating team said the illegal trade was of major concern for the continued survival of the lizard species involved, as both Bengal and Yellow Monitor lizards are protected under Indian and international law.”

The majority of those who have been wearing or rubbing dried lizard cocks for good luck seem to be Asians who have moved to the UK.

The biggest takeaway from the story? You guessed it: Bengal and Yellow Monitor lizards have some gnarly-looking dicks.

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