Today’s Funny Photos 6-20-17

Are you ready to laugh like you’ve never laughed before? Well good, because that’s something we can pretty much guarantee with today’s funny photos. That’s not to say they’re the greatest, most hilarious pictures and memes you’ll ever see in your lifetime or anything. There’s actually no way we could ever promise that no matter how much hyperbole we use. We simply mean that the laughs you’re sure to have here will be unlike any that have come before them. You know, like snowflakes. They’re all pretty similar, but never exactly the same.

But follow Mandatory on Facebook and Twitter. We swear it’s so funny there you’ll need physical therapy to recover from all the violent laughter you’ll be doing. How’s that for sensationalism?

Today’s Funny Photos 6-20-17

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Oh, give airlines a break. They’ve got plenty of problems as it is: United Airlines Flight Almost Takes Off With Fuel Gushing Out Of The Wing




I bet hot lava is sounding pretty good right about now.


This seems like the perfect opportunity to tell you it’s over. Today’s funny photos, that is. But yesterday’s funny photos are still in play.