Genius Student Bashes Her School’s Hypocritical Dress Code In Yearbook Quote

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Yearbook quotes are pretty damn important to students as it is a mark they can leave on their school before heading out into adulthood to become miserable adults. But one student decided to roast her school once more before exiting.

The student, named Victoria “Tori” DiPaolo used her senior yearbook quote in order to call out her school’s dress code — a dress code that is pretty ridiculous. According to Yahoo Style, the West Milford High School’s official dress code prohibits all of this: halters, half-shirts, shorts, sweaters and blouses that expose breasts or stomachs, or anything clothing with rips, tears, or holes that cause the clothing to become “revealing or suggestive.” Oh, and exposed bra straps and shoulders are a no-go, too.

Why in the hell don’t they just tell students to show up in a burlap sack? Well, with that said, here’s what DiPaolo’s quote was. Take a look at it below thanks to her Twitter.

Here’s a closer look.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Pretty damn perfect. Here’s what else DiPaolo had to say about all this.

“While my school, as well as most others, have dress codes that apply to boys and girls it’s usually only girls that get dress code violation. My school’s dress code prohibits boys from wearing muscle shirts but they do all the time and don’t get in trouble yet, when my bra strap accidentally slips I have to miss class time to go change. I just think dress codes need to be enforced on both genders if you’re going to choose to have one. But really, people not being allowed to wear tank tops is ridiculous, no one is distracted by shoulders and that’s really where I got the inspiration for my quote.”

Pretty insane that’s it’s 2017 and some people lose their marbles if they see someone’s shoulders. Holy hell, get over it.

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