Scientists Discovered A ‘Peanut Worm’ And Of Course Twitter Thinks It Looks Like A Penis

Photo: Twitter

Leave it to the folks on the internet to turn everything into a penis.

In case you missed it, which you most definitely did, scientists from the Museums Victoria, Australia, recently returned from an expedition on board research vessel The Investigator. And what did scientists discover while exploring an unexplored region 4,000 meters below the sea? A species of fish known as the “faceless fish,” a fish that hadn’t been seen or even been taken a photo of since 1873. Pretty crazy stuff.

But the internet wasn’t fascinated by the cool bit of news, no. They were more fascinated by the fact that this “peanut worm” looks like…you got it, a penis.

And of course Twitter chimed in.

Kudos, folks.

h/t Distractify

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