Dude Tricks Airport Travelers Using Fake Outlet Stickers And It’s One Damn Good Prank

Photo: Twitter

Do you know what’s one thing that everyone does at airports? That’s right, they wait. And wait. And wait. That’s all anyone does because nothing happens on time at airports. So what do people do to pass the time? They go on their phone or their tablet. But since power is drained fast everyone always goes on a desperate search for a power outlet to charge up. And that is why this prank is pure genius.

A Twitter used who goes by the name of Just Basic Dave decided to setup a prank that is so simple but so perfect. Dave pretty much put fake outlet stickers around the airport and sat back to fool unsuspecting folks.

Such a great and harmless prank. That is until someone loses their mind after their phone dies. Just take a look at this prank in action:

Another victim:

Damn that’s brutal. And here is how Twitter is reacting:

Well done, Dave.

h/t Distractify

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