Columbian Model Arrested After Using Her Good Looks To Plan A Kidnapping

Photo: Instagram

Why are the pretty ones always crazy?

A 27-year-old model and TV presenter named Paulina Karina Diaz has been arrested in connection with an unsolved double kidnapping. Yep. Diaz along with a man nicknamed ‘La Bruja’ (The Witch), are the suspects involved in the blackmail and kidnapping of two men way back in 2011. Oh, and Diaz’s good looks were an important factor.


Photo: Instagram

“Apparently, the TV host, taking advantage of her looks, had been in charge of the events and caused a distraction in the disco pub, luring the men into a room where they were locked up,” official sources statee. Diaz and her partner are accused of kidnapping businessman Hugo Lopez Moncayo and lawyer Milton Caro Villamil from a bar in Columbia. Diaz and her partner then proceed to ask the relatives of Moncayo and Villamil for a ransom.


Photo: via Daily Mail

Oh, six years later the victims are still missing. Two people in connection to the same crime have already been convicted and sentence to 23 years being bars, so it looks like Diaz may suffer the same fate very soon. That is unless her good looks can get her out of it.

Diaz, who presents the sports section on a show called Guia Magazine, on Channel 2, apparently worked for free in order to increase her social media reach. Well, being arrested for a crime is one way to get attention.

h/t Daily Mail

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