Today’s Funny Photos 6-14-17

“Is it Wednesday already?” said no one. But alas, hump day is upon us, and the weekend still feels miles away. Of course, miles aren’t a unit of time, so that that doesn’t even make sense. Don’t just agree with me when I say dumb things like that. I appreciate being called out on my boobery. And speaking of that word I may or may not have just made up, today’s funny photos are loaded with whatever I say “boobery” means. And I say it means ridiculous fun. I’m probably right, too.

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Today’s Funny Photos 6-14-17

funny photos 6-14-172_funny_photos_6_14_17

funny photos 6-14-17

4_funny_photos_6_14_17funny photos 6-14-17

That’s a shame: Watch And Wince As Jerry Seinfeld Accidentally-On Purpose Snubs Ke$ha For A Hug


And yet no one took this seriously: Countries That Look Like Pop Culture References


Damn! That’s the last of them. Or is it? Yesterday’s funny photos might disagree.