This Kentucky Teen’s Mugshot Proves His Partner Is Sure Into His Neck

Hey, remember when you were young and hickeys were a huge deal? Any person spotted with one of those blemishes on their skin immediately kicked up questions around the school like, “who did that.” But then we grew up and we realized how trashy hickeys truly are. Well, one Kentucky teen hasn’t realized that yet. At all.

An 18-year-old named Micah Musser was arrested recently after police discovered him and several juvenile runaways inside an abandoned building. Musser and his pals were found laying on the floor, which was filled with “empty alcoholic beverage containers,” according to a court citation. Musser admitted to police that he and his pals (who were minors) had drank the alcohol and trespassed.

Musser was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful transaction with a minor. But that’s not why this news story is getting attention, it’s because of Musser’s mugshot. Take a look at it below.


Holy hell, wasn’t one enough?

No explanation was given as to how the teen got a boatload of hickeys on his neck but we’re going to assume his partner is a big fan of neck-sucking.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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