Today’s Funny Photos 6-12-17

Is there any day of the week more pleasant than a Monday? Well, except Saturday. Or Sunday. Or pretty much every day in the summer if you’re still in school but aren’t burdened with the responsibility of a job yet. Plus Tuesday through Friday. But other than those, Monday is pretty darn enjoyable. And now thanks to these rad photos we’ve rounded up from around the internet, you can have some genuine laughs to go along with that feeling of first-day-of-the-workweek bliss. However, if your laughs aren’t legit, don’t feel the need to humor us. We can always tell a fake one when we hear it, and then it’s just awkward for everyone.

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Today’s Funny Photos 6-12-17

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funny photos 6-12-17

Bears and sharks: together at last!


That’s pretty innovative, but so’s this: Amtrak Passengers Were Stranded So Of Course They Got Pizza Delivered To Their Delayed Train


Now that you’re ready to laugh and laugh some more, we gotta go. Conserve that residual good cheer and direct it towards yesterday’s funny photos.