Today’s Funny Photos 6-9-17

As if Friday needed to be made any sweeter, in we swoop with another rousing edition of the funniest photos from around the internet. Well, it’s less of a swoop and more of a ploop. I mean, how do you swoop in with funny photos without making a huge mess? There would have to be ropes involved, people to make sure the stunt is safe, a body double for myself. It all sounds like a big to-do. On the flip side, ploop is more of a set them down on a table and let people browse them at leisure type sound. Is any of that making sense, or did I do that thing where my brain turns off but my body keeps typing again?

Mandatory has a Facebook and Twitter page with more funnies on them. Plus, they work on weekends. Suckers.

Today’s Funny Photos 6-9-17

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Well this is awkward: Groom’s Secret Girlfriend Shows Up To His Wedding…In The Same Dress As His Bride


Maybe it’s medicinal: New Study Says Marijuana Kills Leukemia Cells


Hmm, must be the Swedish version. And we’re spent. However, there are still plenty of yesterday’s funny photos to hold you over until Monday. May the farce be with you baby, yeah!