Man Gets Police To Help Him Break Into Apartment By Pretending He’s Locked Out

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I will admit this is kind of brilliant.

Let’s all meet 29-year-old Jason Burns. Burns has an “extensive” criminal record, but he’s pretty bold for actually getting a South Wales police offer to help him break into an apartment that obviously wasn’t his place of residence. And how did he do that? By pretending he was locked out of course. Burns simply told the police officer that he was staying there with a friend and it worked.

Burns was, according to prosecutor Andrew Davies, intoxicated and “being a nuisance,” so the police officer helped him. And that gave Burns the opportunity to steal some cash and a passport from the apartment. This was actually Burns’ second break-in in less than a day, as he had stolen a charger and a laptop from another residence.

Burns was arrested soon after and found to be in possession of cocaine, which he told police was plaster for a building. So it’s clear this dude has an excuse for everything. And it’s no surprise since Burns has 155 previous offenses. Yep.

Burns eventually admitted to the burglary and possessing cocaine and was jailed for three years. But now he will always be able to tell his cellmates that he once tricked a police officer. So that’s an accomplishment he can tell his mom about.

h/t Wales Online

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