Guy Flags Police For Ride Home, Gets Ride To Jail Instead

Photo: MichaelSvoboda (Getty)

All that this Florida guy wanted to do was flag a cop down so he could get a ride home. Well, he flagged one down, but he went to jail instead.

Emanuel Guadalupe was walking in Vero Beach last weeked when he decided that he would wave down officers to ask for a ride home. Well, when the 22-year-old was able to flag one down, the cops agreed to give him a ride only after they search him to make sure he didn’t have any weapons or contraband on him.

And that’s right about the time that Guadalupe said this:

“I have something I have to tell you. I have my girlfriend’s gun in my pocket.”

Guy Flags Police For Ride Home, Gets Ride To Jail Instead


That’s right, folks. And because he was honest, Guadalupe, who did not have a concealed firearm permit, was arrested after a search uncovered the firearm in the front pocket of his shorts. You clearly don’t have many of your brain cells working if you ask police for a ride while you’re carrying a gun you don’t have a permit for.

Guadalupe was charged with carrying a concealed firearm, which is a felony. And now he will make sure to always walk home.

h/t NY Post

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