Today’s Funny Photos 6-6-17

If today were last Tuesday, it’d be Wednesday by now. Get it? Because a week before today we had Memorial Day off? Look, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you’re likely bored at work right now, and we have a simple solution: today’s funny photos. Sure, it’s not a long term fix. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But…actually, I don’t know where I was going with any of that. It’s all pretty disjointed to tell the truth. But isn’t that what funny photos is all about? After all, it doesn’t get much more random and unorganized than a collection of silly, haphazard pictures and memes from around the internet.

See, I was going somewhere with that all along. It certainly wasn’t all a happy accident as I wrote it. Nope, definitely not that at all.

Since I’m just stalling anyways, I may as well mention that Mandatory has a Facebook and Twitter page full of funny photos and GIFs worth checking out on the reg.

Today’s Funny Photos 6-6-17

funny photos 6-6-172_funny_photos_6_6_17




Who’s gonna top that? This Inappropriate Sign Is Probably Not What You Want Hanging Up In A Middle School

funny photos 6-6-177_funny_photos_6_6_17



Let’s a’go! Here’s What It Would Look Like If Super Mario Was Running Through The Streets In ‘Grand Theft Auto’

funny photos 6-6-1712_funny_photos_6_6_1713_funny_photos_6_6_17


Nothing can make this right. Well, maybe yesterday’s funny photos.