Girl Says She’s ‘Too Hot’ To Be Roasted And Holy Hell The Internet Destroyed Her

I’m still baffled that some folks enjoy heading on over to Reddit and pretty much begging folks to roast the hell out of them. I will never get it, as if I put myself in that situation I would end up crying in the corner of a room. Well, a brave girl decided to share a photo of herself with this caption: “I’m too hot to be roasted…but try anyway.”

Now either this gal is extremely confident, or she has an incredible sense of humor — regardless, the internet had no mercy.

Let’s first check out the photo that this gal decided to share:

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

Well, and here’s how the internet responded:

“Thank you Reddit for answering my prayers about what would happen if a retarded version of the “Cash Me Outside” girl posted on roastme.”

I’d be “too hot” too with that giant solar panel you call a forehead.”


“All the bed bugs in my bed would get together and roll you out of my bed if I got drunk and brought you home.”

“Whenever I go into London, I see a thousand generic young women, and a thousand mannequins. You’ve managed to combine all the worst features of both.”

“Just because your step dad tells you that while he is cuddling with you does not make it true.”


“Stallone wants his lips back.”

“Guys giving you minimal attention because you give out blowjobs like drags on a cigarette does not make you hot.”

“Discount Kim Kardashian.”

“You’re definitely at a Starbucks or equivalent coffee place, doing your best to blend in and look like a normal girl when you’re actually so insecure about your appearance that you have to insist you’re “hot”. In actuality, your Texas-sized forehead and uneven eyes put you at a level just below room temperature, but that’s okay – you’ll find enough guys desperate enough to take you that you’ll think it validates your appearance. Then, later in life, you’ll come to the painful realization that you don’t have the character or personality traits to keep anyone near you for an extended period of time, and as your looks fade, you’ll settle for anyone willing to even talk to you.”


Jesus. People are brutal.

And not shocking at all, but this gal took down her photo just one day later.

h/t Maxim

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