Paint Job Leaves Wisconsin Town’s Water Tower With Just ‘Sex’ On It

Photo: YouTube

Anybody who has ever driven through the small Wisconsin town of Sussex knows that it’s full of industrial parks, gas stations and fast food joints.

Oh, and it’s also apparently home to sex.

According to UPI, the guys in charge of giving the town’s water tower a new paint job ran into a venting issue while applying primer to the tower, and they were forced to take a break and wait for the paint to dry. That means motorists driving by and kids out for an afternoon walk all had the pleasure of seeing their beloved hometown transformed into this:

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time Sussex has been renamed Sex on the town’s water tower, as the same scenario played out 21 years ago. The village administrator said he believed the painters did it intentionally, and the painters really haven’t come out and put forth a denial. In fact, the contractor said he and team don’t really mind all of the attention they’re receiving.

“We kind of like the honks when they go by and a little bit of the road traffic,” he said.

So there you have it. It looks as though there is finally a good reason to visit Sussex, Wisconsin. Although, you’re going to have to do it quickly because they’re moving forward with the paint job today.

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