These Pals Play ‘The Floor Is Lava’ In Public And It’s Freaking Brilliant

Photo: Instagram

It’s been years since I played “The Floor is Lava,” as I realized that as you get older all the happy memories from your childhood slowly die off and you’re left in utter despair. Well anyway, two pals decided that they weren’t going to let that happen to them, so they’ve taken this awesome childhood game right into adulthood.

Now for those that don’t remember this game, it’s pretty simple: someone announces out-loud that the floor is lava and the other participants have to get to higher ground before the hot, molting lava kills them.

floor is lava

Yep, just like that.

Well, best pals Kevin Freshwater and Jahannah James have decided to play this game not only as adults, but in public. When they least expect it, one of them yells “the floor is lava!” and the other person has five seconds to reach higher ground.

Now take a look at how that plays out in public.

Kudos to these pals for trying to have fun even as they get older — we can all do this. Although, they are probably the obnoxious pair in public who ruin displays at supermarkets and cause a scene. But hey, all in the name of fun.

h/t Distractify

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