7 Things You’d Let Any Girl Get Away With Purely Because She Has Boobs

Photo: Via The Inquisitr

Hey, that’s not the first time Elizabeth Olsen’s boobs deserved an award. In fact, there are plenty of times when girls get away with murder purely because they have boobs. Awesome rocking boobs. Whether they’re your girl’s boobs or Katy Perry’s boobs, we just can’t seem to control ourselves around hot girls with boobs. Actually, hot is hardly required if there are boobs involved.

We’ve taken classes to know when we should look at boobs, but there’s really no way to stop the force that is women’s boobs. So much of what we allow to pass through in our lives is usually a direct reaction to our indescribable inability to combat them. It’s an endless uphill battle, a failure to move mountains, a (jug)gernaut of extreme proportions. Are any of these boob puns working for you?

Oh, just read these hilarious situations in which we resolve to let boobs run our lives, then continue on with your boob-obsessed lives of complete defenselessness already. Hey, maybe we’ll show you some of our favorite boobs below the show! Hot pictures of hot girls with hot boobs? What could be better?

7 Things You’d Let Any Girl Get Away With Purely Because She Has Boobs

Here are some boobs, since we spoke of them ad nauseam and didn’t show many.

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