The Week’s Funniest GIFs 6-1-17

We hereby name Thursday the funniest day of the week. It’s simple really. Along with providing you with the most hilarious GIFs we can get our hands on every week, we sweeten the pot with those daily funny photos you’re all so fond of. That’s two times the comedy in one 24-hour period! What’s funnier than that?

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Funniest GIFs 6-1-17

GIFs 6-1-17
In this chick’s living room, TV watches you.
There are just some itches yoga can’t scratch.
He’s gonna be extra pissed now.
GIFs 6-1-17
Dad and/or the mailman is here.
He goes by SuperDad, but no one really calls him that anymore for some reason.
Watching Lucky watch darts is exhausting.
We really should have coughed up the $13 dollars for a new net.
GIFs 6-1-17
There’s two sides to every dance floor.
Would you look at that shit? Just kidding, you can’t. We’re living in the future now.
Judging by the cargo shorts, I’m guessing this is how dad bods are made.
But…you spilled it all over your shirt.
GIFs 6-1-17
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch? I didn’t even know they laid eggs. Also, I can’t count.

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