Jerry Springer Is Getting The Push To Run For Governor Of Ohio

Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank (Getty).

In today’s political climate, the ideal candidate for public office can be damn near anybody. Hell, if writing about drunk guys with machetes and road-rage fights really takes off for me, I might just run for mayor.

Reality and daytime TV stars currently seem like the ideal candidates, though, and democrats in Ohio are fully aware of that. In fact, they pegged their next pick to head their state as none other than talk show host Jerry Springer.

Jerry Springer Is Getting The Push To Run For Governor

According to a story from Business Insider, influential Democrats in the state are trying their damnedest to get Jerry to run for Governor in 2018. The reason, reportedly, is because he could be a good fit for the current tone in American politics.

Springer, according to conversations he’s had with local politicians, seems dead serious about making the move for a gubernatorial run next year.

“Jerry every year does a lot of Ohio Democratic Party county events,” said Tim Burke, the Hamilton County Democratic Party chairman. “And whenever he does them, he always draws a good crowd. He continues to have a very real interest in Ohio politics.”

Before you dismiss the talk show host as a qualified politician, understand that this isn’t his first exposure to voters. Springer is the former mayor of Cincinnati and also ran for the democratic nomination for governor in 1982. He was also on the Cincinnati City Council, but resigned in 1974 because it was revealed he paid a prostitute with a check. That didn’t stop him from winning the seat back the next year, though, so … I dunno.

If you live in Ohio and plan on voting next year, don’t be surprised if Jerry’s name is on the ballot. I imagine his supporters will be ecstatic if he wins.

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