Tennessee Waitress Fired After Dropping Bag Of Cocaine In Cop’s Drink

Photo: Yuri Arcurs (Getty)

I guess that was the day’s special.

So while one New York waitress pulled a knife on a family who complained about her service, another waitress in Tennessee decided to pull a bag of cocaine out of her waitress book…and drop it in a cop’s drink. Accidentally of course.

Jekievea Monchell Yearby, (what a name!), was working at a Steak & Shake restaurant recently when officers responded to a report of an assault. And that was right around the moment that an off-duty cop that was sitting at the restaurant told the responding officers that he had found a small bag of cocaine in his drink. Whoops.

Upon review of surveillance footage taken inside the restaurant, Yearby drops the bag of coke into Officer Ricky Wolfe’s drink as she takes his order.

cocaine waitress

Well, since she was clearly busted, Yearby admitted that the cocaine belonged to her, but claims that the drugs accidentally fell into the off-duty cop’s drink from her waitress book. There’s more. Yearby also admitted to having another bag of cocaine in her bra. You know, as most waitresses do.

Yearby was obviously fired, and then to top it all off she was charged with assault, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

And now she has to explain this to her future employer. Which I assume will be Denny’s.

h/t NY Post

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