High School Student Uses Reverse Psychology To Get His Teacher To Raise His Grade

This kid is going places.

Some students go all out to have their grade change — take for example the students who went all Mission: Impossible in order to steal some exams. You know, instead of studying. But one high school student named Neil Pascua decided to go the safer route: use reverse psychology.

Pascua took it to Twitter to prove to everyone that he actually got his teacher to raise his grade from a B to an A-, and all it took was a nice little email and some reverse psychology.

Take a look at what Pascua did below:

As you can see Pascua asked for a lower grade so that his folks wouldn’t see how close he was to getting an A. And you know what? It worked, as his teacher gave in and actually raised his grade instead of lowering it.

Here’s how the teacher reacted to the email.

And Pascua posted some proof.

And luckily for Pasuca his teacher had no problem with it at all when he discovered the email had gone viral.

Well done, kid. And Twitter agrees.

h/t Someecards

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