Today’s Funny Photos 5-30-17

Well, damn. The holiday weekend is over and it is back to work for you. Hey, for us, too. But we have two bits of good news for you: One: it’s a short workweek. And two: we have a new batch of Funny Photos just for you. It’s just our way of trying to help you get the workweek started off on a good note. And yes, we know you’re bummed out your weekend is over, but our funnies should at least bring some joy into your day. And just think about it this way: tomorrow will be Wednesday, and you will be that much closer to the weekend again. And guess what? Tomorrow we will have another batch of new funnies. But for now, enjoy the laughs we have for you today!

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-30-17

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And you know what? That movie poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming got the hell roasted out of it, too.

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Well, you should probably stay indoors this summer and just check out more of our Funny Photos. Now that’s a good idea.



Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.52.21 PM


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.04.22 PM




Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.54.42 PM



And guess what our funnies do? They make everyone laugh of course. And make sure to check out yesterday’s Funny Photos in case you missed them!