Today’s Funny Photos 5-29-17

If your reading this, that means it’s Memorial Day and you’re either chilling at home or partying on a beach somewhere (I’m not sure why those are the only two possibilities, but this is my intro and reality is what I say it is). Anyways, both are great options for sure, but they make for an even better use of your time if you’re also browsing the funniest photos from around the internet. No one’s going to accuse you of being the life of the party if that’s the case, but who want’s that kind of pressure anyways?

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-29-17

funny photos 5-29-17





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funny photos 5-29-17 9_funny_photos_5_29_17 10_funny_photos_5_29_17

Hopefully his dude isn’t in the game: Guy Uses Slick Snapchat Move To Trick Friends Into Coming Out For Beers


funny photos 5-29-17

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On second thought, how about a blast from the past? Friday’s funny photos are looking pretty good right about now.