Florida Woman Arrested For Assaulting Ex With Pork Fried Rice

Photo: ZoneCreative (Getty)

Just think about all that wasted Chinese food.

Florida continues to baffle us, and this time around we head to Vero Beach to talk about a 30-year-old woman named Samantha Wilson who was recently arrested for domestic battery. But Wilson didn’t hit her 31-year-old ex boyfriend named Brian Kusmer — Wilson covered him “from head to toe in pork fried rice and red sauce.” Incredible.

It all kicked off when Wilson arrived at China No. 1 restaurant to wait for Wilson to drop off their eight-year-old son whose custody they share. The pair couple began arguing about Wilson keeping their son out of school, and when Wilson started yelling Kusmer asked her to leave the restaurant. So she did, but not before throwing a plate of food at him.

Florida Woman Arrested For Assaulting Ex With Pork Fried Rice

pork fried rice

Kusmer didn’t accept medical attention, but does admit the “the sauce burned a little.”

The cuffs were thrown on Wilson and she was charged. But this isn’t the first time that Wilson has been in trouble with the law, as she’s also been arrested for criminal mischief, theft, negligence and child abuse. So it’s pretty clear this lady is a dumpster on legs.

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