Guy Uses Slick Snapchat Move To Trick Friends Into Coming Out For Beers

Smiling man with beer text messaging in pub. Photo: Hero Images (Getty).

Ah, the sweet taste of beer, a magnificent beverage with flavors that vary from sweet to bitter. It’s the kind of drink you can enjoy alone or with a group of chums, the latter having the potential of being a really good time.

Sometimes, though, your friends might not want to join you for a beer. They have responsibilities — you know, those things you grudgingly inherit when you grow up and become an adult. Such bullshit, man. Nobody asked for these. Why we gotta … sorry, I digress.

Anyway, when the fellas give you nothing but excuses for staying home, perhaps you can do something as slick as this guy did and trick them into joining you.

Guy Uses Snapchat, Dupes Friends Into Coming Out For Beers

Meet Jack Potter, a 19-year-old beer enthusiast from Brentwood, Essex, England. According to a story from LadBible, Jack decided to have a pint one weekday, and figured it would be a great idea if his boys joined him.

snapchat beers

Photo: Jack Potter

Jack faced a problem, though: his friends weren’t all that enthusiastic about leaving their cozy homes and spending the evening at the local pub. It appeared that Jack’s destiny didn’t include a round with the guys.

Or did it?

In order to get his friends out to the bar, Jack used Snapchat to apply some handy photo-editing skills and copied and pasted a picture of his beer multiple times. What appeared in the photo were numerous beers, allowing him to message his friends, explaining that he purchased them all a round. The picture is pretty spot-on.

snapchat beers

Photo: Jack Potter

The good news is his buddies started showing up. The bad news is they came to find out Jack didn’t purchase any beers other than the one for himself. Awkward.

One of Jack’s friends was apparently so pissed about not arriving to a free beer that he stormed off in frustration.

snapchat beers

Photo: Jack Potter

Eventually, Jack’s friend came back and they had a laugh about it. In total, seven friends came to join him at the bar, setting a precedent for drinkers all around — if you’re good at photo-editing on a phone, you’ve earned a night out with your friends.

Somebody hand me a beer and my iPhone.

Hopefully this guy didn’t pull the same trickery: Drunk Trespasser Returns And Apologizes With A Case Of Beer