Today’s Funny Photos 5-26-17

If there’s one thing people love, it’s nostalgia. Of course, considering this is supposed to be an up-to-date roundup of all the latest hilarious pictures and memes from around the web, you probably aren’t going to find a lot of that here. Only the freshest for our fans. However, if every article about shows, toys and fads from the ’80s and ’90s is an indication, one surefire way to capture people’s attention and get them all jazzed up for whatever you are about to show them is to say “Hey guys, remember _____?” The natural response is “Wow, I do remember _____! I should continue reading!” Let’s give it a try and see how it goes:

Hey, remember yesterday’s funny photos? Well, these are similar current ones, so we’re sure you’ll love them, too!

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-26-17

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What’s worse than having a cane shoved up your butt? Poor Grandma Gets A Handful Of Poop Thrown At Her Face By Chimp

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They kicked the wrong kid out of school: Student Suspended And Almost Arrested For Wearing Off-The-Shoulder Shirt


Way to buck the trend: Alarming Number Of Millennials Still Living At Home With Their Parents