How Did A Crook Manage To Steal This Giant $35,000 Inflatable Obstacle Course?

Photo: Phoenix Police Department

Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!

I know what you’re thinking, and no, it wasn’t inflated at the time of theft. However, when fully assembled, the “super mega” obstacle course owned by Party Professionals Inc. reaches 180 feet long and stands 25 feet wide. This is according to the City of Phoenix Police Department’s Facebook page, which reported the crime on May 24th via social media. You can check out the full post below:

Crook Steals Giant $35,000 Inflatable Obstacle Course

Sure, $35,000 is a lot of coin, but how do you unload such an enormous object without arousing the slightest bit of suspicion? Not only that, but it’s a one of a kind product in the state of Arizona, which we suppose justifies the price tag. However, what it doesn’t justify are those people who claim money doesn’t buy happiness.

While not officially named as a suspect in the police report, we here at Mandatory can only think of one person both capable of such a plus-sized caper and who hates the sound of children’s laughter this much.

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Photo: Universal Pictures (Getty).

Let’s not forget to take into account the unprecedented upper body strength. This is clearly an open-and-shut case. No need to thank us, Phoenix P.D. We’re just here to help.

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