Drunk Trespasser Returns And Apologizes With A Case Of Beer

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Oh, and it happened in Canada, so you know it makes sense now.

I have never been so drunk that I tried to break into someone’s house. I was so drunk one time that I threw up in a garbage bag next to my dad, so there’s something I tell the ladies. But back to the attempted break-in. A Nova Scotia native named Caitlynne Hines took it to Facebook to share the story of how one drunk tried to break into her apartment, and the ending that took her by surprise.

Let’s first take a look at Hines thanks to Facebook.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

So it kicked off when a drunk tried to break into Hines’ apartment, as he insisted his friend lived there. Hines eventually sent him on his way. Well guess what? A few minutes later this drunk dude returned, and this time he tried to pick the lock. Amazingly, Hines didn’t call the police, but says she was prepared if he came back a third time. But remember, this occurred in Canada so she would probably just raise her voice at him.

Well, the next day Hines returned from work to find a six-pack of Alexander Keith’s IPA on her stoop with a note included. That’s right, an apology note. Hines shared the note on her Facebook.

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

And here’s what the note read:

Hey Fellas!

I’m the guy who was relentlessly (and very drunkenly) trying to get in your house last night. It turns out Danderson’s (?) place was upstairs. I hope it doesn’t reflect poorly on him that he has such an asshole friend such as myself. Anyway, I sincerely apologize for waking you up and being so disorderly in the middle of the night. Please accept this 6 pack of average tasting beer as a token of my appreciation.
Take care, Cliff.

P.S. I walked like 8 km to some random girl’s house after all that. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

What a champion. And of course, Facebook loved it.

beer apology4

Photo: Facebook

beer apology3

Photo: Facebook

beer apology6

Photo: Facebook

beer apology5

Photo: Facebook

Well done, drunken mate.

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