Today’s Funny Photos 5-18-17

Not sure if you’re into the whole humor thing, but if so, we’ve got quite the collection for you today. As the headline promises, these are the funniest photos from around the internet. You can feel free to surf around and fact check us on it if you’d like, but who has the time for such endeavors anymore? You’re time would be much better suited taking the minute required to blow right past this intro and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. But of course, there will be a tomorrow, and we’ll have even more hilarious pics and memes to add to the conversation then.

P.S. Just kidding about you not reading my intros. I know everyone always does.

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-18-17

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To be fair, they’ve been having problems: Wisconsin Man Threatens To Shoot Off His Dick After He And Wife Argue About Porn

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Not so fast! The Best Fidget Spinners To Get Your Hands On

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Well that’s just not practical. On the other hand, yesterday’s funny photos are guaranteed to work like a charm.