What Is the Illuminati and Why Do We Care?

Photo: ivosar (Getty Images)

We know that you’ve probably heard of the Illuminati before but how much do you really know about them except that they’re often villains in American Hollywood films? How come that a lot of screenwriters think that the Illuminati are behind everything sinister that happens in our world? Well, we’re here to bust some myths and provide answers to these puzzling questions. We’ve got some strong arguments for you, some historical facts as well as some total guesswork because we can’t know it all. Here’s what we’ve got.


First of all, we need to make one thing straight. The Illuminati were originally a real Bavarian secret society that functioned in the late 18th century. The purpose of this secret group was to oppose the church’s influence on the state, to prevent misuse of government power and, overall, to promote public transparency. Sounds good, right? Well, it sounded too good (and too dangerous) for the Roman Catholic church so they orchestrated that the Illuminati should be banned with the help of Charles Theodore, the Bavarian ruler. That is when the Illuminati ceased to exist officially, but many still believed that they continued their work secretly to this day. It is said that one of the chief members of this original group was the brilliant German writer Goethe, whose most famous work Faust deals with the devil. This is probably why the Illuminati were often mistakenly associated with Satanism.

Modern Illuminati

You’re probably wondering what this historical secret society has to do with today’s world. Well, that’s the whole point. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati never ceased to exist and that they’re still in the shadows, pulling the strings and controlling all the pillars of our society. However, most of the groups nowadays that claim to be the original Illuminati are nothing but cheap, sensationalistic copies set on earning some money off the famous society’s name. This is heightened by the fact that they often promote various celebrities as their members. So you can, for example, hear that Jay Z, Kanye West and even Rihanna are really Illuminati. In fact, they seem to share this group with Jim Carrey, Bob Dylan, and ever the Pope himself. The latest Illuminati conspiracy claims that even the controversial president of the United States, Donald Trump is secretly one of their own.

Evil Illuminati?

So, while the original Illuminati had a good, some might even call it a noble idea, it is doubtful whether the modern incarnations are as benevolent (if they really exist, that is). According to the films, this society controls a large portion of our lives without us even knowing it. Many people believe that a number of important figures in the history of the world were actually members of this special group and were merely following orders in their public actions. For example, George Washington, the first US president (in case you didn’t know) often publicly criticized this secret society trying to mislead people because he was actually Illuminati himself. What conspiracy theorists usually fear, both in movies and real life is that this society is set on creating the so-called New World Order that is fully controlled by the Illuminati.


The logic here is simple. If a society managed to remain hidden for hundreds of years, what are the chances that some Internet trolls managed to find them out? Also, if these groups that claim to be original ones are so easily Googleable, how do they expect to perform their functions which require utmost secrecy and subtlety? We can’t recommend joining any one of these modern groups you can find online because they probably just want your money. No, you won’t become a powerful and mysterious master of puppets. If you do become one, tell us how you did it in the comment section below.