Today’s Funny Photos 5-15-17

Well, it’s the Monday after Mother’s Day, so surely you are all hungover and likely called in sick today. Nobody parties quite like moms, am I right? Well, except maybe dads. But that’s neither here nor there, because I’ve been joking up to this point. Obviously Mother’s Day is nothing like Super Bowl Sunday, although I’ll be the first to suggest switching both holidays to Monday and considering both national holidays that come with the day off. But until people start listening to my amazing ideas, I guess we’re all just stuck at work looking at funny photos while we pretend to do actual work.

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-15-17

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We’re actually pretty sure he went home alone, too: This Video Of A Dog Getting Busted Going To Town On Himself Is Hilarious Because We’re Still Immature

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Also: Scarlett Johansson Invited Her Reddit Lookalike Grandma to Party With Her

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You heard the good doctor, time to vamoose. But there are plenty more funny photos to browse on the way out.