This Is The Worst And Most Gross Sunburn You Might Ever See

Looks like summer is here.

Just like that kid who returned from a school with the worst sunburn ever, it looks like Gareth Clarke can also add his name to the list of worst sunburns ever because he came home with quite the horrific one.

It all kicked off when Clarke made the huge mistake of falling asleep while out under the sun. Clarke was out in Mullingar when the sun decided to do his thing.

Take a look at it below thanks to Clarke’s Twitter. But be warned, this is pretty damn gross.

Clarke’s coworkers noticed that he was limping when he returned to work. So he lifted his pants to reveal that horrible blister. And since his coworkers are good pals, they of course added some cream around it to make it look like a fried egg. And now I want to puke.

And if you’re looking for an update on this poor dude’s rotten leg, here it is:

Photo: Snapchat

Photo: Snapchat

Yep, the sucker has gotten bigger.

So make sure to drown yourself in sunscreen before heading out to the sun, folks.

h/t Joe

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