Emma Watson Gifs Deserve Oscars

Photo: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP(Getty Images)

If Drake is our gif lord, Kanye West the constant challenger, then Emma Watson is our sovereign gif queen. The charming British actress is very expressive both in her roles and in her media appearances, so combined with the cute look and the huge following due to the success of the Harry Potter franchise it’s not surprising that Emma Watson gifs are a thing.

We gathered the best gifs of the elegant 26-year-old that will make you like her even more, just don’t look up Emma Watson quotes on genders, as you will side with Draco in the antagonism of Hermoine.

Emma Watson gifTo start us off we have the reason Emma Watson gifs are a thing – she’s so expressive. Emma changes like five emotions in a span of four seconds, more than some actors do throughout their careers. We all know who we’re thinking about.

Emma Watson party hard gifElegant, charming, and graceful, but Emma can also be a great way to gloat over your friends, the most charming salt poured on a wound ever, and it’s going to hurt Harry Potter fans especially. Emma parties hard, she can probably relate to our collection of awesome party memes.

Perfectly looped Emma Watson gifA rare sight – a perfectly looped gif, you can end up watching it for days, if you’re not totally creeped out by the face the actress is making. It’s the perfect super cringe face.

Emma Watson gif buttIf you know a hot chick that is into Harry Potter this is your sliding in gif, she can’t stay immune to this, even though it’s not Hermoine, as Emma will forever be that cute muggle.

Emma Watson gif meowOk, we finally understand the internet’s obsession with cats, as we wouldn’t have a problem with Emma sitting on our laptop while we’re working or grazing across our leg all the time.

Cool Emma Watson gifEmma sees what we’ve said here and she shyly approves. Sidenote, when you actually get a girl to make this face it’s all done, you can play We Are the Champions by Queen in your head, it’s mission accomplished.

Ema Watson gif stressAnother gif from Emma’s movie The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola, who can put in her IMDB bio that she made the movie equivalent of Drake’s music video and a gif goldmine Hotline Bling. Since the movie wasn’t received well, the gif fertility is the best thing it has going for it.

Funniest Emma Watson gifsMemes and gifs are closely related, and here we have Emma transforming into the legendary troll face meme, while still remaining cute, so no, we are not mad bro.

Sexy Emma Watson GifHere it is, the granddaddy of all Emma Watson gifs, the one that you hoped was in here when you clicked on the article. It’s also from The Hotline Bling Ring movie(which should be its unofficial name), basically, our favorite feature film ever created just because of this scene and the starring role. Also, I had a crush on Sofia Coppola since The Chemical Brother’s excellent Elektrobank music video.

Hot Emma Watson gifTa-dah, that’s all folks. It’s an Emma Watson version of a mic drop, and of course, she doesn’t need an actual mic to pull it off. Ok, stop bringing your face closer to the monitor you are not going to actually feel her friendzone/tease kiss, which is what this is.

If you have a favorite Emma Watson gif that we didn’t put in the gallery feel free to share it in the comments. Just don’t make it the one with the face mask as that is the stuff of nightmares even though it involves two gorgeous ladies.

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