This Inappropriate Sign Is Probably Not What You Want Hanging Up In A Middle School

Photo: Twitter

While there have been plenty of messed up things found in textbooks, one school decided to change things up a bit, and instead put up signs to reel in attention. And boy did they grab everyone’s attention.

Now there is no word yet if this sign was put up by staff or by some student at Seabrook Intermediate School in Texas, but we do know that it’s probably not the type of sign you want to have hanging around in a school filled with a bunch of pre-teens. Take a look at what this Twitter user said was hanging up in her sister’s middle school.

Please, everyone, bust a N.U.T. Now if it is a student prank, that’s one clever as hell middle school student. But a small part of us really, really hope it was hung up by staff. Actually, a big part of us.

And Twitter went…well, nuts.

But it seems that some people noticed something even more disturbing.

Well they have every right to be disgusted at Comic Sans.

h/t Distracitfy

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