Alabama Man Exposes Himself To Store Clerk Just For The Hell Of It

Photo: Twitter

Hey, he’s from Alabama, so it makes sense.

Listen, this dude could had stayed home, open his laptop and expose himself while watching the latest from PornHub — frankly, that’s what a lot of dudes do. But he didn’t do that at all — instead he went to the convenience store and showed the attendant his junk.

The dude we are talking about is Corey Walker from Athens. And recently, Walker entered Heritage Food Mart in Elkmont, and for some reason decided to plop out his penis and show the lady behind the counter. Maybe Walker was drunk, or maybe he’s insane, or maybe he’s just lonely. Anyway, it was caught on surveillance.

Here’s a closer look at this guy.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Man, and look, just a few feet away is the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream freezer. Walker could have just had one of these and called it a day. But no, he had to go ahead and unzip his pants. And now he’s behind bars.

guy exploses himself3

Walker was charged with indecent exposure and is being held in Limestone County Jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.

h/t Busted Coverage

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