Dad Threatens Son With The Most Hilarious Punishment And Of Course He Followed Through

Photo: Brad Howard/Facebook

I was a complete square, so I never misbehaved in class. But hey, good thing I’m bad to the bone now (just humor me). But some kids just enjoy misbehaving in class, and more often than not all they get is detention. Well, Bradley Howard got a far worse punishment than that from his dad.

So it seems like Bradley was acting out in his physics class, because Bradley is a tool. And according to Bradley’s sister, Molli, Bradley’s father told his son that if he got another call from his physics teacher about his behavior he would sit in class with him. Guess what happened?

That’s right, Bradley acted out again! Here’s a closer look of his dad following through with his threat.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter/Molli Howard

Dad doesn’t look too happy.

“I didn’t even notice him until after I had said hi to all of my friends, but I was super shocked,” Bradley told BuzzFeed.

According to Bradley’s father, Bradley was talking in class and disrupting, saying, Bradley “likes to be the life of the party, which gets him in trouble from time to time.” But Bradley’s dad had this to add:

“I was a bit nervous being there among the teenagers. Mentally I hadn’t prepared to go into a situation like that.”

Hey, I get nervous when I have to walk by a group of teens to get into Target.

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