Woman Hilariously Pranks Dude Who Sent Her Random Nudes On Snapchat

Photo: Facebook/Tara Natasha

This just in: Guys still think that women want random pictures of their junk. And guess what? They don’t. Hell, not even porn stars are into it. And English gal Tara Natasha was definitely not into it.

The 26-year-old woman was recently added on Snapchat by a stranger — a stranger who immediately sent her three snaps: two of his penis, and one of his face. Fed up, Natasha decided to have a little fun with him. Here’s how Natasha explains it:

“It was 1am when I got a random add on my Snapchat. The guy immediately sent me two photos of him naked and one of his face. I completely ignored it at first, but half an hour later he sent me a crude message.I thought it’d be funny to reply back saying “fab” sarcastically.”

This dude apparently didn’t realize Natasha was being sarcastic, as he instead saw it as a green light for sex.

“Not realizing I was being sarcastic, he then asked if I would be up for it and I replied “of course”, again being sarcastic. So I pretended I was going to let him come to my house, and I thought to myself, where should I send this man?”

And now check out the exchange between the two.

revenge snap1

Photo: Snapchat

revenge snap2

Photo: Snapchat

But that’s not Natasha’s address. It’s the address to Buckingham Palace, London. Of course, he still didn’t notice it was a prank.

revenge snap3

Photo: Snapchat

“It was so funny I couldn’t cope. When he was approaching Buckingham Palace, he still didn’t click,” Natasha explains. “I then sent him a funny photo of the queen smiling and he still didn’t understand he had been pranked.”

And here’s the photo:

revenge snap6

Photo: Snapchat

And the exchange continued.

revenge snap4

Photo: Snapchat

revenge snap5

Photo: Snapchat

Eventually, and finally, this idiot realized it was all a joke.

revenge snap7

Photo: Snapchat

“What kind of sick games you playing at?” Incredible.

Here’s what Natasha had to add:

“I didn’t think he would actually go, I thought he would just google it immediately and realize the joke. It bewilders me as to why men think women are so easy.”

This exchange was shared on Natasha’s Facebook where it has blown up, with more than 10,000 shares.

h/t The Hook Mag

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