Students Busted Going All ‘Mission: Impossible’ To Steal Exams

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Tom Cruise would be proud.

No one wants to spend a night in studying, so two students, Henry Lynch and Troy Kiphuth decided to spend a night attempting to steal exams instead. This happened at the University of Kentucky, and it involved the two students, who are English, trying to steal some exams in the middle of the night.

One of the students was able to squeeze through the air-vents into their professor’s office at 2am. Once inside, that student let his friend in the room so they could search for the exams together. They also blocked the door to the office. Well, guess what? The professor was actually working at that hour, and returned from a break in time to catch the students in the act.


A spokesperson for the University of Kentucky, Jay Blanton, said that it happened after midnight on Wednesday when a statistics instructor was pulling an all-nighter.

“He figured out that it was someone, actually. So he yelled out that he was going to call the police, at that time the door swung open, and two young men allegedly ran out and ran away,”

Eventually, Lynch not only confessed to police and admitted to going through the air-vent, but also admitted that this wasn’t his first Mission: Impossible theft, and that he was successful once before.

Lynch and Kiphuth face charges of felony burglary and their cases will be examined by the Office of Student Conduct. Oh no, the Office of Student Conduct! Anyone but them!

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