Canadian Religion Teacher In Trouble For Putting Her Legs Behind Her Head And Talking About Sluts

Photo:  DenBoma (Getty)

Actually, this sounds like one class that I’d never miss.

According to the National Post, a Toronto Catholic District School Board religion teacher was found guilty of professional misconduct after former students said she often went on “sexually-laced tirades before demonstrating her flexibility in front of the class by putting her legs behind her head.”

Here are just some of the things Leanora Brown’s students told a “three-person tribunal at the Ontario College of Teachers” earlier this week that she would say in front of her “religion” students:

“I told her she should have fucked a white sailor.”

“If a slutty girl or a horny girl wants to have sex with you, you should fuck her well and leave her in a wheelchair for two days.”

“He can kiss my black ass without touching it.”

In another instance of what the tribunal deemed as inappropriate, one student said that Brown told the class about a time when she was younger and a student at her school tried to grab her ass. Her solution to that? You guessed it: She stuck a pencil in his arm. Naturally, that conversation moved on to her talking about her flexibility, and one student recorded her getting down on the floor and putting her legs behind her head.

Brown hasn’t taught at the school since taking a leave of absence in 2015, and if she wants to return now, she’ll first have to take a class on professional boundaries with students. And that’s a shame, really, because we think that wheelchair story is great advice.

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