Teacher Busted Having Sex With Student, Giving Gun To Another

Photo: Roy Morsch (Getty)

It’s like all these teachers are competing with one another to see who can be the most shameless. And now it’s Katheryn Hagan’s turn.

The former teacher, who taught at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis, was busted after police discovered that Hagan was having a relationship with a student. The 38-year-old invited the student to her home where she gave him Xanax. On the second invitation to her home is when Hagan and the student had sex in her bedroom.

Another student at the school even revealed to police that there was a 10-second video going around the school that apparently showed Hagan and the victim naked together. According to court documents, students were trying to use the video to blackmail Hagan into giving them better grades.

Teacher Busted Having Sex With Student, Giving Gun To Another

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Oh, but of course there’s more. Hagan also bought a gun for another student, and get this: she told that student to use it to rob other students who may have evidence incriminating her on their phones. Talk about being desperate.

Hagan resigned from her job just last month during the investigation. She’s now facing charges of conspiracy to commit robbery while armed with a deadly weapon, two counts of child seduction, dangerous control of a firearm (providing a firearm to a child) and dealing in a schedule IV controlled substance. Now that’s how you fill out a criminal record.

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