Oklahoma Teacher Arrested After Bringing Meth And Heroin To School

Photo: Facebook

Maybe she was running a “Hugs Not Drugs” campaign?

Let’s all meet Megan Sloan. Sloan is a 27-year-old teacher who teaches at Holmes Park Elementary in Sapulpa. And why is Megan Sloan in the news? Well let’s just say that she brought drugs to school. Actually, that’s exactly what happened.

Sloan was arrested for embezzlement and drug-related complaints after admitting bringing drugs and drug paraphernalia to the school. And the drugs were of course meth and heroin. And there’s more, folks. Sloan also admitted to using “field trip money” to purchase gas and more drugs for herself. Talk about being shameless.


Sloan was discovered after another teacher realized that Sloan had used her computer and left her Facebook account open. And this is how that teacher saw a conversation in which Sloan talked about using and selling heroin and pawning school property. Whoops.

Sloan suddently became a chatterbox with police, as she revealed that she believed she had two “Xanax footballs” in her purse in her classroom. Police found multiple syringes — some with exposed needles and one with heroin in it. Police also found .4 grams of methamphetamine — all in Sloan’s purse. Damn, Sloan.

Sloan said she pawned two school-owned iPads, and also stole $125 which was to be used for a school trip.

Sloan faces four drug-related counts and one count of embezzlement. This clearly does not look good for Sloan, ladies and gentlemen.

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