Today’s Funny Photos 5-4-17

You know when people say things like, “This week felt short, didn’t it?” or “Doesn’t it feel like Friday to you?” What I find weird about those inquiries is that they’re usually universal to whoever you are asking. That, or maybe everyone has just been humoring me. Look, the point is, I want to know from Mandatory’s loyal fans (since I know you read my intros every single day and don’t zoom right past them to the funnies) whether or not this past Tuesday felt like a Wednesday or not. That’s all. I don’t have the resources to conduct a formal poll, so this is my only shot. And yes, I realize this would have made more sense to ask yesterday since that was actually Wednesday, but I didn’t think about it until just now. Plus, my week is all messed up now. Seriously, all day on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday.

Anyways, end bizarre daily tangent. Now onto the THURSDAY funny photos.

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-4-17

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It might be a dick move, but we’re going to stop here and redirect you to yesterday’s funny photos.