Today’s Funny Photos 5-3-17

Do you enjoy all the funniest photos from across the internet all wrapped up in a neat little package? Well, how about obscure The Simpsons references? Well, then you are in luck. Not only are we fully capable of providing the former on a daily basis, but I’ve been saying for years that there’s a Simpsons quote suitable for every situation in life. Does that mean today’s roundup is riddled with catchphrases and one-liners from the three decade-old series? Hell no! Do you really think I’d put that much work into a collection of pictures it usually takes me about 15 minutes to upload and publish? Besides, I already did that once (twice, actually) and the internet collectively shrugged its shoulders. So, as Grampa Simpson might say…

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Today’s Funny Photos 5-3-17

funny photos 5-3-17 2_funny_photos_5_3_17

3_funny_photos_5_3_17 4_funny_photos_5_3_17 5_funny_photos_5_3_17

This seems like a good enough opportunity to plug our ever-expanding Girls section. Hey, it may be shameless, but it’s sexy (if you speak Spanish, that’s another killer reference).


funny photos 5-3-17


9_funny_photos_5_3_17 10_funny_photos_5_3_17

Speak of the devil: Finally, A USB That Won’t Make You Feel Dumb


12_funny_photos_5_3_17 13_funny_photos_5_3_17 14_funny_photos_5_3_17

funny photos 5-3-17

You heard the urinal wizard. The only direction to head now is backwards, as in yesterday’s funny photos.