Florida Woman Busted Trying To Hide Pot Pipe In Her Vagina

Photo: Anetlanda (Getty)

When you take into consideration that this story involves a woman named Trudy Kay, a Pontiac Grand Prix and the state of Florida, then nothing about it should come across as shocking.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 55-year-old St. Petersburg woman was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an officer without violence Saturday night after police said they witnessed her and then had to repeatedly tell her to stop trying to hide a glass marijuana pipe in her vagina.


Police said once Trudy Kay Richardson noticed an officer standing next to her Pontiac Grand Prix, she “placed her hand with the pipe into the front of her pants and proceeded to place the item inside of her vagina.” Despite repeated requests from the officers to stop, Richardson continued to do it anyway.

Why? Well, you guessed it: Richardson told police her stepdaughter in the car with her asked her to do it.

On a positive note, Richardson seemed rather remorseful at the scene of her arrest and apparently apologized to one officer for not obeying him, saying, “I’m so sorry for not listening and putting the pipe in my pussy.”

Despite the locale of the briefly hidden pipe, one of the officers decided to smell it and said that it smelled of marijuana. He also said it contained “burnt residue,” but whether or not he was still talking about the pipe at that point is anybody’s guess.

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