College Instructor Reveals To Students Everything She’s Caught Them Doing On Their Computers

Photo: AndreyPopov (Getty)


Yes, we pay to take college courses and are expected to pay attention to everything that is said. But sometimes the lecture is boring and you’d rather do pretty much anything else on your computer. Well, for the students in Meg Veitch’s class they now know that their professor knows everything they’ve been doing on their computers.

Veitch, a graduate-student instructor at the University of Michigan was trying to get her students to stop browsing the world wide web during her lectures. So what did Veitch do? Well, Veitch showcased a slide on the wall that said this: “Things I Noticed… Students Doing During Class.” Boom.

Check out the tweet below.

Now here’s a closer look.

college 1

Photo: Twitter

college 2

Photo: Twitter

That sure is a lot of random things. And just know that an ‘X’ means Veitch has seen that specific thing multiple times a day.

Some things that stood out to me:

-Photoshopping President Trump onto muppets

-Drawing a tree? A squid

-Looking at pictures of sliced bread

-Looking at pictures of themselves in suits

And of course, there was porn. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. So just know, if you’re reading Mandatory during class just try not to get caught.

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