Two Students Arrested For Catfishing Teacher To Get Nude Photos

Photo: MTV

Hey MTV, where were you?

Well this is one we haven’t heard before. Two 16-year-old students at Swansboro High School in North Carolina named Brian Joshua Anderson and Brittney Rennee Luckenbaugh were arrested recently after they, and get this, catfished their French teacher and then shared nude photos of him. Damn.

The two teens, who were charged with misdemeanor disclosure of private images, apparently used a fake social media account in order to contact their teacher, David Laughinghouse. And yes, that’s his last name.

Two Students Arrested For Catfishing Teacher To Get Nude Photos


And all that catfishing led the teens to obtain a very X-rated photo of the 51-year-old teacher. And of course they shared it with other students at their school. Now there are no details yet as to how they got the photo, but we are going to assume they pretended to be some hot gal who was very, very eager to share nude photos. You know, women I never meet.

Here’s what Sheriff Hans Miller had to say:

“This investigation remains an active one and we are potentially looking for other incidents of catfishing.”

Just call MTV and call it a day, dude.

h/t NY Post

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